Lugging camera gear around the world for 19 years has given, fine art, editorial and news photographer C.J Breil a strong neck, bad back and a boundless desire to make impactful images.  He brings his whimsical, slice-of-life style of photography to each assignment for his editorial, corporate and commercial clients.   Breil was lucky enough to come of age as a photographer on the cusp of the digital revolution and has the benefit of merging the techniques of the old photography masters  with the power of digital artistry. He was formally trained by photographic geniuses and creative rockstars at the College of Creative Studies (B.F.A. 95) in Detroit.

Fighting and beating his sedentary nature, Breil has travelled the world and has spent time living in Korea, Turkey, and Greece, affording him the opportunity to travel to surrounding countries. This level of cultural immersion and being able to witness life beyond the United States has given him an appreciation for the human story and the ability to tell those stories through visual means.     His award winning work has appeared in books, magazines, and newspapers; in art galleries and on the web; in media both big and small as well as locally and internationally.  Breil currently lives in Ann Arbor with his husband, chihuahua, and 2 cats (one of whom is 35 pounds).